International Students


Finding an internship, graduation assignment, part-time or full-time job that fits you perfectly is not easy. Finding opportunities, knowing which companies close by are looking for you, and comparing alternatives easily, is often nearly impossible. To support and unburden students, this has to change. This is exactly the vision of UT PhD Berry Gerrits. Together with some UT alumni, he developed the ‘BedrijvenWijzer’ (loosely translated: company compass) in their spare time. An online and data-driven tool to let students get acquainted with companies in Twente in an accessible way and to see which companies match regarding background, interests, personality and culture. We use different matching-criteria to see which companies are most suited for you on various elements and who are also looking for you. Just a quick orientation is also possible and the tool is completely free to use, no strings attached.

Currently, Bedrijvenwijzer is only in Dutch available. So sad. Coming soon in English though!

Unfortunately this pilot is currently only available in Dutch as we are still exploring which companies in Twente are open for international or non-Dutch speaking students. We are eager to launch this tool for international students. Are you interested to find a job, internship or graduation assignment in the Twente region, or if you have ideas or suggestions on how to align with your needs as an international student? Feel free to put us to work via!